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Now that you have seen my antenna designs it is probably time to find out who I am ...


Short CV: I studied physics half way, then swapped to mechanical engineering and added a specialist degree as International Welding Engineer. After that I worked in welding research and development, next joined a small company doing electrochemical R&D including alkaine fuel cells and electrolysers for a decade. Then I swapped to Industrial PLC programming for the Automotive and other industries.

When time permits I still do welding consultance for automated applications or material and failure analsysis on freelance base.

Family: I am married, we have a daughter. A passion for amateur radio runs in our family, father's call is DL2QM, mother's DL4QM. One could say ... this is how it ends when the father is planning directional radio links during ones own imprinting period ... hi.


  • 432 MHz: IC402 resp. FT-736R, hybrid PA 40 W, ULNA 3013 EME, NF = 0.28 dB. GS35b Cavity Amplifier (DJ3FI) , 4 x 20 Ele. DL6WU for EME

  • 144 MHz: FT-736R, VLA 200 Bipolar PA with modified bias current and cooling (150 W), LNA = BFG540x (mod. YU1AW design) with bandpass, Tropo = 6 Ele. Yagi, EME = 1 x EF0210LT.

  • Hum Bands: FT-102, indoor T2FD.

  • Projects: 28/144 MHz Transverter (DJ8ES) for the FT-102 + LDMOS Pallet Amplifier 350 W (I0JXX) as Contest Rig.

Modified Bipolar 2 m Amplifier: new stiffer & temperature regulated bias voltage supply, 12 lbs of copper and larger cooling bar help to a reasonable linearity up to approx. 120 - 150 W out

Take Off: ... is very limited, especially to the West. Here are some topographical maps ... my QTH is on the left side ...

Take Off to the West

Take Off to the North

Take Off to the South

Take Off to the East

Contest QTH: Köterberg, JO41PU, 500 m ASL

Other interests:

We keep a number of animals: Rescue dog "Ledi", a Golf Ball Retriever with cat "Freda", and a cart horse, a Colored Irish Cob gelding

By a lucky chance we came to foster a cart horse some years ago. I learned much about horse behaviour and attitudes by working her from the ground only for the first half year while bettering her state and general caring. Working in a Pony Trekking Venture in West Cork every summer hones horseman skills year by year now.

left: Cat & dog                               right: ex foster horse Ilona


Here is our Irish Cob gelding, ridden and driven, 15.2 hands

and me on Irish Cob mare Bailey at Ballycummisk Riding School

... in case you like to learn more about colored horses: this way please  

Travels: I have been around a bit jobwise. Detroit, Ottawa, Toronto, across western Europe, Tel Aviv ... and Jerusalem, see my host Gennadi and me infront of the Western Wall.

Eire (Ireland)

Endless beaches ... and baywatch


As a family we spend the summer break in West Cork, Ireland whenever we can.
In case you are interested to find out whats up in West Cork => West Cork Local Campus

Motorcycle: I own a 1994 Ducati 916 which I enjoy to maintain myself.
Photo: renewing the two timing belts. A motorcycle world's icon at its time, designed by Massimo Tamburini. I am still fascinated by sound and performance.


73, Hartmut, DG7YBN

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