DG7YBN / How to transfer MS Excel VE7BQH G/T Tables to your website
  Last Update June 12th 2014


How to get the newer format VE7BQH Excel into HTML

The goal is to embed Excels html output into the scheme of your website, so prepair one with a forseen space for the G/T table and leave this file in your editor.
(I prefer Notepad++, it is under GNU public license and very capable)

• Prepair a basic htm and hold it in your html editor

How export Excel to HTML

• Open the original Excel G/T table

• Chose a worksheet i.e. band

• Perform "save as" => html, opt for "choice: sheet" instead of whole table; edit name to 50, 144 respectively 432 (MHz)

• Open saved single bands table xxx_432.htm(l) in your html editor;

Extract Excels HTML output

• Swap to the xxx_432 Excel-html and prepair it as following; first I describe the basic scheme, then hint howto with less pain, hi.

  Attenzione!   There is not much sense in marking the rougly 24,000 lines by hand. You will be much faster proceeding as described below

• Copy from this line on (it defines the tables style)

• to the last line seen below (which is end of html table and block =: "div")

• delete html tags "/head" and "/body" appearing around line 660
as they belonged to the original complete Excel html export webpage; use your editors search function on this

• for a really smart result search for the last line holding input and delete all table rows holding "<tr>" to "</tr>" from here to end of table;
the last relevant lines hold information about which designs were added in the actual issue

• 1. Delete lines on top of file until shown lines appear.

• 3. Same thing in reverse on bottom of file

• 4. Delete the few lines after the "wizzard note"

• 5. Then use Ctrl+A to mark all remaining text, followed by Ctrl+C to copy

• 6. Finally paste G/T table into your website file using Ctrl+V

73, Hartmut, DG7YBN