7arrays / shipping / ordering
  Last Update Feb. 28th 2023



At present
7arrays only sells and ships to customers in the European Community.
I am very sorry but so far I was not able to prepare my small shop
for the necessary customs declarations.

Note: Minimum Order Value is EUR 18.00

How to Order Save in 3 Steps

Placing Your Order
Receive Confirmation incl. Shipping Costs
Confirm Total and Payment

1. Placing Your Order

For a smooth flow of from ordering to shipping I need you to

• place a written order > email to
• containing quanitiy of articles in same notation as here on this website
• your name, address to ship to and send the invoice to.

Here is a Sample Purchase Order

Your order does not necessarily need to be in same form as the sample order,
but should hold all the given details.

2. You Receive my Confirmation of your Order incl. Shipping Costs

Upon placing your order you will receive a quote including shipping costs and quote number

3. You Confirm Total and advise Payment

You confirm my quote and advise payment.
PLEASE refer to QUOTE or INVOICE NUMBER when adivising your payment

I don't do Paypal, sorry.
Standard Bank Transfer using IBAN and BIC please.

=> Once I receive your payment I will prepare your goods for shipping a.s.a.p