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Sealants for Antenna Feeds and more

• Spinner PLAST 2000®

Sealing compound for sealing such as DIN 7/16 RF connectors the professional way. Spinner PLAST 2000® is resistant against cold from -40 C to heat up to +85 C as operating temperatur.

Quantity needed to fill one Spinner 7/16 connector on LCF 1/2-50 is 4 cm3 approx.


Spinner PLAST 2000® is a thick liquid, quite like rubber glue, so it can be applied in various ways. It dries at a rate of approximately 1 millimeter per day. The compound stays slightly elasitc when completely dried. I made good use of it sealing coax ends using a hard paint brush. See two samples below.

Sealing an open end of LCF12-50J using Spinner PLAST 2000®


Application sample: Split end of Cellflex sealed with Spinner PLAST 2000®


Please note the Safety-Data-Sheet on the Spinner Groups Website:

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Spinnerplast 2000 small   Spinner PLAST 2000® tube containing 20cm3     € 6.20

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