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Surplus Parts

Industrial CF Memory Cards
19″ Front Plate
AC & DC Current Transducers

• Industrial Grade Compact Flash Memory Cards

Swissbit 4 GB CF. Manufactured 2015, Made in Germany.
NAND Flash Technology, MTBF > 3,000,000 hours

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Ind. CF 4GB Swiss   Swissbit Industrial CF Card, 4GB, used     € 12,50

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• 19″ Rack Front Plate

Original Schroff 3HE x 84TE full front plate, New Old Stock
128.4 x 426.4 x 2.5 mm Schroff No. EMC 3U 84HP

  Rear with 3 x 1 mm strip

Note: as much as I like to sell these ... because of their size shipping is relatively expensive per piece

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19″ 3HE 84TE Front NOS   19″ Schroff 3HE 84TE, NOS     € 6,50

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• Current Transducer LEM HAT 1000-S

Hall effect sensor tranducer for electronical measurements of DC, AC or pulsed currents with galvanical separation to the primary circuit. Used part in good condition.

HAT 1000-S
Primary nominal rms current       1000 A
Primary Current measuring range   +/- 2500 A
Current form                      DC, AC, pulse up to 25 kHz

Supply voltage                    +15 V & -15 V
at                                +15 mA & -15 mA
Output voltage                    +/- 4 V for nominal current span
Accuracy                          ≥ +/- 1 % of nominal current
Built to Standards                EN 50178: 1997, UL 508: 2010

Feed through opening              40 x 30 mm
Overall size                      90 x 65 x 42 mm
Fastening holes                   distance 78 mm, diam. 4.3 mm

For the data sheet and wiring of the LEM HAT 1000-S see here

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U LEM HAT 1000-S   Current Transducer LEM HAT 1000-S,
good condition, incl. cable with 2 plugs, used
    € 24,00

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