DG7YBN / 40 MHz / YBN 40-5m
  Last Update Apr. 22th 2024


Performance Data and Geometry
Pattern and VSWR
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YBN 40-5m Yagi   with conventional straight Dipole

This a Low Noise, direct feed 50 ohms full size 5 ele. Yagi for the 8 m band.

Performance Data

Elements              16.0 mm
Gain vs. isotr. Rad.  10.15 dBi
Gain vs. Dipole        8.0 dBD
-3 dB E-plane         54.8 deg.
-3 dB H-plane         73.4 deg.
F/B                  -25.6 dB
F/R                  -23.6 dB
Impedance               50 ohms
VSWR Band Width     1.28:1 *
Mechan. Length        5268 mm plus offsets
Electr. Length        0.71 λ

Stacking Dist. h-pol.
top-to-bottom         6.17 m = 20.2 ft
side-by-side          8.01 m = 26.3 ft

*) at 41.00 MHz


Element and Driver diameter 16.0 mm.
Elements on boom, holders: Hydraulic Clamps like Stauff or similar.
Dipole on base plate, gap in dipole approx. 15 mm.

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Pattern and VSWR Plots

Elevation and Azimuth plot at 40.68 MHz


RL and SWR plot - simulated


None so far ...

STACKING info might follow ...

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